W 50nm 99.9%

W 50nm 99.9%
Products are classified
Average particle size (nm)
Purity (%)
Specific surface area (m 2 / g)
Bulk density (g / cm 3)
> 99.9
> 99.0
Purple gray
The main characteristics of nano-tungsten powder, the preparation of ultrafine tungsten powder through a special process, uniform particles, high activity, large surface area and oxygen content of the powder after passivation can be controlled in <1%. Nano-tungsten powder is widely used in aerospace alloys, electronic packaging alloys, electrode materials, microelectronics, thin films, sintering aids, protective coating, gas sensor electrodes. Widely used to manufacture high-performance tungsten products and manufacturing nano Wu line, the excellent performance of nano Wu line to manufacture high-performance ultra-fine nano-crystalline alloy and high density alloy, and has become indispensable to many high-tech field of functional materials. Nano-tungsten powder production of carbide has high hardness, tungsten materials, leading-edge products. Applications A large number of used heavy alloy, alloy steel, drill, anvil and other products; High activity of nano-tungsten powder can be used as the raw materials of high-performance, high density alloy powder additive (add from 10% to 20%) and the preparation of the W bar and W wire of raw materials, additives can be used as high-performance alloy of tungsten powder raw materials, can significantly improve alloy performance, while reducing the sintering temperature and shorter sintering time, reduce production costs; The nano-tungsten powder can be used as the raw material of nano-WC for Nanocrystalline carbide.Due to the special pore structure of such nano-tungsten powder, tungsten powder raw material for ceramic metal coating W-Mn method. Technical support company can provide nanometer tungsten powder, ultrafine tungsten powder in the alloy material, the coating material medium application technology support, and specific application information, please contact the sales department personnel. Packaging, storage product is inert gas antistatic packaging should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool environment, should not be long exposed to air, anti-damp occurred reunion, affect the dispersion properties and the results. 

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