Zn 50nm 99.9%

Zn 50nm 99.9%
Technical parameters
Products are classified Model Average particle size (nm) Purity (%) Specific surface area (m2 / g) Bulk density (g/cm3) Polymorphs Color
Nanoscale DK-Zn-001 50 > 99.9 12.3 0.62 Globular Purple
Submicron DK-Zn-002 800 > 99.5 2.3 1.60 Globular Dark gray
Main characteristics of nano-zinc powder, ultra-fine zinc powder prepared through a special process, the high activity of zinc powder has a high content of zinc and other impurity elements on the particle surface smooth, large surface area and average particle size controlled, bulk density surface oxidation, melt deformation and adhesion to a little grape-like particles, easily dispersed and industrial applications. Applications A rubber area: in the rubber industry, nano-zinc sulfide active agent dispersed than ordinary zinc powder is excellent, and can improve the performance of the thermal conductivity of rubber products, wear, tear, mainly used in natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, butyl rubber and other rubber products, nitrile rubber and PVC rubber foam industry, especially for superior performance; Two water-borne inorganic zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc silicate shop primer, inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint, epoxy zinc-rich primer, fluorine carbon paint; 3 zinc anti-corrosion coating production: the main purpose of the steel components against corrosion of zinc, a coating of hot dip, electroplating, thermal spraying, zinc-rich coating, powder plating, etc.; 4 chemical production: for sodium hydrosulfite (sodium sulfate), lithopone (lithopone), carved white block (sodium sulfoxylate formaldehyde), dye intermediates as a reducing agent in the production larger particle size than the coating of zinc powder, average particle size of 1μm; 5 ultra-fine zinc powder is the manufacture of paints, coatings and chemical products such as carved white block, the main raw material for zinc acid sodium, zinc oxide, etc., as well as organic synthesis of the reducing agent; In addition, nano-zinc powder, superfine zinc powder is widely used in metallurgical industry, battery industry, as well as pesticides, feed, dyes and manufacturing industries.

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